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February 12th 2007 / 自言自语

Last Exile.OST


1.Vanishing Point - Dolce Triade
2.Complicated Decision - Dolce Triade
3.Over The Sky - Hitomi Kurioshi
4.Cloud Age Symphony - OKINO, SHUNTARO
5.A Morning In Norkia - Dolce Triade
6.Workin' On The Cloud - Dolce Triade
7.To The Race - Dolce Triade
8.Prayer for Love - Dolce Triade
9.Brave Willing - Dolce Triade
10.Cover Stories - Dolce Triade
11.Flyin' To Fly - Dolce Triade
12.Requiem In The Air - Dolce Triade
13.Hello, Kitty Girl - Dolce Triade
14.Chivalry Spirits - Dolce Triade
15.Advances - Dolce Triade
16.Naval Affair - Dolce Triade
17.All Is Over - Dolce Triade
18.Skywriting - Shuntaro Okino
19.Silverna - Dolce Triade[newpage]
1.Dolce Triade - Road to the light
2.Okino, Shuntaro - Head in the Clouds
3.Dolce Triade - Fleet of Littleships
4.Dolce Triade - Heavy cocoon
5.Last Exile - Ground Stream
6.Dolce Triade - A Stimulant
7.Dolce Triade - rays of hope
8.Dolce Triade - Beautiful Fields
9.Dolce Triade - Coronation
10.Dolce Triade - Lost Friend
11.Dolce Triade - Princess, Sophia
12.Dolce Triade - I can see a heart
13.Dolce Triade - Malicious Queen
14.Dolce Triade - Ceremonious Play
15.Dolce Triade - Counterattack
16.Dolce Triade - Make Adcantage
17.Dolce Triade - Dreams of Fathers
18.Dolce Triade - LASTEXILE
19.Hitomi - Over The Sky[angel feather ver
20.HItomi - A New World Has Come

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