Do You Love Me?


July 9th 2006 / 自言自语

Wind by the Fireside

[font=Arial]So as you shiver in the cold and the dark, 

Look into the fire and see in its spark --
My eye
Watching over you.

As you walk in the wind's whistling claws,
Listen past the howling of the wolf's jaws.
My song
Comes to you.

And when you're lost in trackless snow,
Look up high where the eagles go.
My star
Shines for you

In deep, dark mine or on crumbling peak,
Hear the words of love I speak.
My thoughts
Are with you.

You are not forsaken
You are not forgotten.
The North cannot swallow you.
The snows cannot bury you.
I will come for you.
Faerun will grow warmer,
And the gods will smile
But oh, my love, guard yourself well --
All this may not happen for a long, long while. [/font]

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